Officials discuss price control, import licenses
September 21, 2010
Officials discuss price control, import licenses

The concerns and woes of consumers and producers who believe that they are over and under priced will soon be addressed by new legislation.{{more}}

This was made clear by Clarence Harry, Director of Trade in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, on Thursday, September 16, at a special forum organized by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SVGCIC).

Harry joined by other officials of his ministry addressed the members of the private sector on the issues of price control and import licenses.

At the session a number of the private sector representatives voiced concerns, both as providers of goods and services, as well as customers to other businesses. They called for laws that would protect them on either side of the sphere.

The director expressed that the concerns and questions have been taken into consideration, and that the law which will be implemented has something for everyone.

“Currently we don’t have legislation that addresses the concerns that have been expressed here. However, what we have coming on stream very, very soon, is legislation that is comprehensive to cover both the supplier and the consumer,” said Harry.

“It is very fulsome and comprehensive; very modern. As far as I am concerned it is one of the most up to date piece of legislation in the region right now… and it covers both goods and services.”

Harry said that a draft of the legislation will soon be available to all in the newspapers in the form of a pull out document.

He encouraged members of the Chamber and the general public to read it, and to make recommendations and comments to the ministry.

“I am encouraging everybody to be alert, be involved. At the end of it all it will affect each and everyone of us and how we do business in this country.”

At last Thursday’s conference, the parties looked at the issues of price control and import licenses.

The discussions were facilitated by coordinator of commercial consumer affairs, Daniel Delpesche, and Golan Greaves, Senior Controlling Officer.(JJ)