Elvis Charles delivers maiden speech in Central Kingstown
September 21, 2010
Elvis Charles delivers maiden speech in Central Kingstown

During his first address in the constituency where he is hoping to represent the people, Unity Labour Party candidate Elvis Charles has promised Central Kingstown residents that he will be their voice in parliament.{{more}}

Charles, who will be replacing incumbent Conrad Sayers on the ULP slate of candidates, when general elections are held anytime between now and March 2011 when they are constitutionally due, said at a meeting at the Green Hill junction on Thursday September 16, that he is going to stand behind the desires of the people.

“I am your friend. If you are looking for a friend, you have found Elvis Charles.”

“I will be your voice in parliament and that’s the reason I want you to give the ULP a third term.

“One day I picture myself in parliament; and I will be there for you comrades; I will be your champion in parliament.”

While outlining his plans for the constituency, Charles promised that he will do as much in his power to build on the areas that his party has already been making progress, especially in the areas of education, sports and agriculture.

Addressing the issue of crime, the educator said that he believes that the problems currently being faced began at an early age and he will put structures in place that would help to ‘nip it in the bud’.

“I am going to work hard so that resident counselors will be placed in every school in Central Kingstown to detect deviant behavior at an early stage.”

“Children who are affected and continue to show deviance be sent to the Marion House and other institutions that deal with counseling, so that they could be helped.”

“If we bend the tree while it is young, it will stay that way, and we are saying that we have to instill discipline in those lovely people in Central Kingstown.”

Charles implored the supporters to continue rallying around his party, and warned against complacency.

“I say to you my collegues: do not fix which is not broken. Why do you want to change a government that is performing so well?”

“I do not like to associate with losers. I do not like to associate with negativity, and that’s the reason why I choose the ULP as my party.”(JJ)