Rotary pays tribute to Ehud Myers
September 17, 2010
Rotary pays tribute to Ehud Myers

On Thursday, September 2, The Rotary Club of St. Vincent paid tribute to Ehud Myers of Fancy for his outstanding service to his home community.{{more}}

President of the club, Dr. Francois Truchot, presented Myers with a plaque recognizing his contribution to Fancy through the Rotary Fancy Community Corp.

Ehud Myers was born in Chateaubelair and moved to Fancy by sea in 1969. In 1980, he married Patricia Bowens and settled permanently in Fancy.

He was instrumental in getting the people of Fancy to join with the Rotarians and the staff of the Central Water & Sewerage Authority to construct the Fancy water project and put water in every home in Fancy in the early 1990’s.

Myers is the founding and still serving president of the Fancy Community Corp, formerly the Fancy Rotary Village Corp. This is the entity that raised funds and worked with Rotarians to purchase the first bus in Fancy. This bus served as the life line of the community, being the school bus, the passenger bus, the freight bus as well as the ambulance for Fancy.

When the first bus was destroyed in an accident, the group was able to purchase a bigger one, which is still serving the community. Ehud Myers, through his honesty and integrity, is depended on by many shopkeepers on the windward side of the island to purchase whole sale groceries in Kingstown and transport them to the various shops for them.

Ehud Myers is responsible for managing and maintaining the bus and he does so with dedication and discipline.

The Community Corp also supplies gas cylinders to the people of Fancy for sale. They even sponsored two children to attend secondary school.

Ehud Myers, who is an assistant pastor at the Pentecostal church in Fancy, has involved himself fully in the community of Fancy from fishing, to farming to counselling.

All Rotarians join in saluting Ehud Cyprian Myers and wish him continued good health and richest blessings as he continues his service above self to the community.