September 14, 2010
We FM Managing Director: Cooke has requested vacation time!

Has action been taken to have one of this country’s radio talk show hosts silenced?{{more}}

According to Frank DaSilva, the answer is yes.

DaSilva, speaking at a New Democratic Party meeting last Friday, September 10 at Enhams, said disciplinary action was taken against morning talk show host Ernesto Cooke of 99.9 WE FM.

He alleged that the action was taken after the recording of part a radio programme, which aired originally on Star Radio on August 25, was replayed by Cooke, followed by the hymn ‘Nearer My God to Thee’, numerous times on his morning programme.

“Cooke, you wouldn’t hear his mouth on Monday morning anymore because you see that was the death hymn of the Labour Party and they didn’t like it,” DaSilva declared.

“They got extremely upset for that and as of this morning (last Friday) they sent him on vacation, so he’s gone,” he continued.

“I sent him the tape from Beresford Philips and Mr Cooke played the tune from the Titanic when it was going down.”

On the audio clip, Beresford Philips, who ran to be selected by the Unity Labour Party in the Central Kingstown Council called in to Star Radio to express his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the elections.

“And they are upset about that, so Mr Cooke has been silenced,” DaSilva contended.

He spoke of the present administration’s criticism of a campaign launched by the New Democratic Party to “save democracy.”

“Where is Mr Cooke’s democracy?”

When contacted by SEARCHLIGHT, Cooke refused to comment on the matter.

However Jules Williams, Managing Director for WE FM refuted the allegations saying that they were “false.”

“Those allegations are absolutely false!” Williams told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to Williams, Cooke had put in a request for some time off and it was granted.

He added that Cooke had done some overtime work during the Carnival season and it was a situation where a request was made for some time off. (DD)