Tiny Treasures gets gift from Browne
September 10, 2010
Tiny Treasures gets gift from Browne

The Tiny Treasures Early Learning Centre located opposite the Sion Hill Clinic is recipient of a Dell desk top computer and monitor from Luke Browne.{{more}}

The facility, which is privately owned, is in its third year of operation. At the handing over ceremony recently held at the school, Manager of the preschool, Hazel Ann Crichton, pointed out that in an effort to fulfill all areas of the curriculum, the Tiny Treasures Early Learning Centre has reached out to the public for assistance in providing resources to enhance and enrich the learning capabilities of its little ones.

Crichton thanked Browne for what she called “a most thoughtful gift”, which she said would go a great distance in providing the ammunition needed to continue the education revolution.

Crichton had praise for the parents who she said have been supportive and have greatly assisted the school. She noted that the preschool’s long term early childhood staff takes pride in their programme and the excellent care and education they provide for their families. “We know that each and every day

we make a conscientious and loving effort to provide the very best throughout the many facets of each child’s day. Every staff member works very hard to ensure each child is nurtured and cared for in a kind and gentle manner,” she said.

Crichton stated that each child’s day at Tiny Treasures is filled with unique and enriching experiences from educational “Circle Times”, with math and reading readiness, to its fantastic “Free Choice” times. She said that she is confident that the depth of the learning centre’s program surpasses that of many other schools. She also disclosed that Tiny Treasures Early Learning Centre is open all year round, with the exception of a two-week period during the month of December.

The year 2009 saw three of its “treasures” proceeding to “Big school” and in the month of July 2010, Tiny Treasures Early Learning Centre held its first official graduation. On that occasion nine of its treasures began their journey to “Big school.”