September 10, 2010
SDA Community Action Groups build house for Williams family

by Symone Augustus Fri, Sept 10, 2010

Community Action Groups (also known as CAGs), in keeping with their aim to touch the lives of Vincentians everywhere through practical, hands-on ministry, took to the city of Georgetown to construct a home for Cileta Williams and family.{{more}}

The structure measures 16 x16, consisting of two bedrooms, kitchen and living area. The project was completed in two and a half days, with the construction process commencing on the night of Saturday, August 28, 2010, and the building being completed on the evening of Sunday, August 29, 2010. The building was painted on Thursday, September 2, 2010, by CAG’s dedicated team of youth.

The entire project was carried out by the Community Action Group Task Force, including Juliet Todd, CAGs President, Jonathan Noel, CAGs Secretary and Pastor Edson Augustus, CAGs CEO,the construction team with assistance from the Georgetown Seventh-Day Adventist Church Pastor and members.

All necessary material was donated to the cause by the Housing and Land Development Cooperation, Frederick’s Construction and Foster Saunders Heavy Equipment construction.

Community Action Group is focused on reaching out to all people and forming a practical, functional relationship between the Church and Community. Community Action Group is dedicated to eliminating poverty, and bringing joy and comfort to those who need it.

Their Motto is “Shaping the Nation,Touching the World” (Matthew 6:28-35). Please visit their website for more information (

The group’s next project is slated to begin September 12, 2010, in Glamorgan.

This ministry motivates youth to utilize head, heart, and hand in a proactive manner for a better St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the hastening of Jesus’ Coming.