ULP rings the bells in Orange Hill
September 7, 2010
ULP rings the bells in Orange Hill

As the Unity Labour Party (ULP) took their campaign to Orange Hill on Sunday night chants of “we ready” and the ringing of bells were heard from buoyant supporters.{{more}}

Several of the speeches were centered around the accomplishments of the ULP over the past nine years and why it was important for Vincentians not to let the opposition, New Democratic Party (NDP), back into power.

Sharing brief remarks, Edwin Snagg, Chairman of the ULP, said an NDP led government will only bring setbacks in the country.

“They will cut education, they will cut health, cut social services and possibly we might see and instance where public assistance would be going down…trust me they will,” said Snagg.

According to Snagg, any time a party like the NDP is placed into power, “You will be participating in the destruction of yourself and your own kind.”

Sir Vincent Beache, advisor to the Prime Minister, in his address, said that the NDP is confused because they do not have a policy that they can bring to the people.

“All they can tell you is negative, nothing positive…what a confused government we would have. The Unity Labour Party is a complete Party for the people,” Beache stated.

Minister of Agriculture and Parliamentary Representative for North Windward, Montogmery Daniel, reminded supporters of the good work that the government has done over the years in the agricultural sector.

Daniel said he recalls the struggles that people in Orange Hill faced to gain lands that they now have for housing. “The struggle has not been easy for people in Orange Hill…for the past fifteen or so years. They have built good homes and are now sending their children to secondary schools and we now have graduates under the Education Revolution,” Daniel stated.

Daniel boasted about the ULP government’s accomplishment in North Windward such as the Owia Fishing Complex in Owia at an estimated cost of $33 million. He said the ULP has an impressive track record over the years and has put in infrastructure to further the development of the constituency.

In his brief address, Minister of State and attorney, Saboto Caesar, blasted the NDP, claiming that they do not take people seriously. Caesar said the ULP has done more for Education in their nine years of office than the NDP had done while in power.

The other speakers on the night were: Minister of Tourism Glen Beache, General Secretary Julian Francis and Senator and candidate for West Kingstown in the upcoming general elections Michelle Fife. (KW)