September 7, 2010
Green Party: Declare donations to parties

The SVG Green Party has called on Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to urgently pass legislation for public disclosure of donations to political parties.{{more}}

The release from the Green Party referred to Gonsalves’ call on Friday,September 3 for the NDP to disclose the source of EC$5 million, which the Prime Minister alleges the NDP received as political donations for the general elections.

“SVG Green Party calls on PM Gonsalves to stop the hypocrisy and urgently pass legislation, as in the United Kingdom, for public disclosure of donations to political parties in SVG over $5,000. This would clean up politics in SVG and prevent the very rich, like in Mustique, from installing a ‘puppet’ government of their choice, that allows unfair customs duties and tax exemptions,” the Green Party release said.

“The ULP regime should set an example and declare to the public where their funds have come from since the year 2000,” the release dated September 7 and signed by Ivan O’Neal, leader and co-founder of the Green Party said.