Sukharno sings for Mama Haiti
September 3, 2010
Sukharno sings for Mama Haiti

The destruction and despair caused by the January 12, 2010, earthquake which rattled Haiti has inspired many heartfelt songs. Vincentian Calypsonian Basil “Bung Surkharno” Cato has joined the list of musicians who have been moved to write songs.{{more}}

Cato’s new song, “Mama Haiti, get up and move on”, is, according to him, “A song of exhortation to and for the people of Haiti.”

Cato, a Calypsonian since 1966, said that the song sends a message to Haitian people, letting them know that the world has not forgotten them.

Bung Sukharno, who is known for popular songs such as “Hang Dem”, “Life is a Gift” and “Surkharno Rock”, last recorded a single in 2003. According to Cato, he was inspired to write again when he saw the devastation caused by the earthquake. “What was happening in Haiti was an experience which reduced me to tears. I picked back up my writing book and from the pen flowed the words…” Cato explained.

The music for the song was produced by Vincentian Frankie “Maestro” McIntosh and was recorded at the Donneth Dopwell Studios in New York, with finishing touches done at Adrian Bailey’s Studio in St. Vincent.

He expects to release the song for Christmas or just in time for the anniversary of the earthquake’s occurrence. The song, Cato added, will also be a part of a CD to be released for Carnival 2011. (OS)