Community spirit alive and well
September 3, 2010
Community spirit alive and well

Two communities in the constituency of West St. George readily responded to the call for community service last weekend. The need was identified by the residents of the Pole Yard (small informal settlement in Arnos Vale) some four weeks ago, which was then conveyed to Senator Cecil Mc Kie, the intended candidate for ULP in the upcoming general elections.{{more}} The residents had indicated that there was a need to give a face lift to the main bridge to the entrance to the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, which was in fact also the gateway to their small community.

Senator Mc Kie then held meetings with various residents of the village, not only to plan for the community painting of the bridge but to identify other needs of, for and by the community. These discussions led to the immediate satisfaction of two of these needs.

The business sector responded to the Senator’s request for assistance with materials for the “Bridge Project”, and the residents responded positively from as early as 6:30am on Sunday, 22nd August, 2010, and completed a splendid job of brightening up the bridge using the same colour paint in which it was originally painted. It was truly a community effort and project as the paint brushes passed from hand to hand as the residents readily identified with the activity. At the end of it all, they enjoyed an early lunch which was prepared by hands and pots from the community, with ingredients and liquid refreshments also donated by the business sector.

This project was replicated by residents from Robinson Village on the other side of Arnos Vale Community. Members of the Mac’s East Bank Sports Club also responded positively to Senator Mc Kie’s request for them to “freshen up” the bridge next to ACE Hardware and the new Aunt Jobe’s in Arnos Vale. The Club and friends completed the face lifting paint job on the bridge from 7:00am on Sunday, 22nd August, after which they also enjoyed an early lunch and liquid refreshments compliments a cook from the community and donations by the business sector.

Both sites were made ready the day before paint day through the power wash procedure which was performed, again as a community contribution by Art Huggins and his efficient team of workers from the Power Washing Service business entity.

These two projects may have been completed but both communities have already set themselves new goals; in the case of East Bank, they already have an environmental aspect to their operation and have already commenced the beautification of an area of their Robinson Village community. They are also currently competing in both the Dorsetshire Hill and Belair Softball Cricket Competitions under the name Mac’s East Bank.

Meanwhile, the youth of the Pole Yard community have also formed themselves into a sports group and have entered the Belair Softball Cricket Competition under the name Mac’s Little Saints. They are also discussing forming an environmental wing to engage in the beautification of part of their community. The wider community has also identified other community activities which they will undertake over the remaining months of the year.