August 27, 2010
Vincentian attends Global Scholars Conference

Kimberley Cambridge was elated when she was chosen to attend the first ever Global Scholars and Leaders Conference in Singapore.{{more}} Chosen from over 800 applicants, Kimberley found herself in the top 22 students who were asked to represent their colleges and countries at this international forum.

According to this young scholar, she was contacted based on her participation at the Global Young Leaders Conference in 2005 where she represented the St. Vincent Girls’ High School; the academic credentials obtained from her 2005 CXC results and her community involvement. The results from her first year’s University studies also contributed to her selection.

The Global Scholars and Leaders Conference is an international academic and leadership honour program, recognizing and connecting high achieving individuals from around the world with life time opportunity, reward and success. The conference positions itself as an important forum for young leaders who aim to become policy-makers, global scholars and business leaders to gather and exchange ideas at one of the most dynamic economic regions of the world.

At the conference, scholars and leaders conferred to explore diplomatic, social and economic lessons of the past, analyze and initiate changes surrounding communications, environment, diplomacy, law, human rights, peace, security and economics, and debated resolution to prepare for positions of global leadership.

What stands out most in Kimberley’s mind about the Conference was the exchange of ideas among the youths. “It pushed you to unlock your potential,” she said. “The participant from Pakistan was only twenty two but he was already the Youth Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence.” She added: “I felt inspired and have returned more determined to make a difference among the youths in my country.”

Kimberley wishes to thank those sponsors who made it possible for her to be part of this enriching experience.