Petit Bordel Secondary School records huge CSEC improvement
August 27, 2010
Petit Bordel Secondary School records huge CSEC improvement

Although it did not gain the top pass rate in the recently released CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, the Petit Bordel Secondary School certainly has much to celebrate.{{more}}

The secondary school achieved the greatest improvement, of all local schools, over last year’s pass rate.

In 2009, the school recorded a 51 per cent pass rate, but this year racked up a whopping 79.5 per cent.

Deputy Principal Kenneth Holder was visibly elated as he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT about the school’s achievement.

“I am extremely proud,” he beamed. “It just shows that one should do all he can to overcome, instead of run away from, the challenge.”

Holder expressed a deep gratitude to the school’s staff, which experienced a major shake-up earlier this year.

“We employed a lot of young teachers,” he explained. “They took the school to heart and wanted to make an impression.”

The Deputy Principal added that guidance counsellors provided the students with invaluable help – dispensing study advice and career guidance.

“They [the students] were constantly reminded of their mission, and what they needed to do to fulfill their dreams.”

With 22 students taking the examinations this year, the school saw marked improvement in Geography, which increased from 12 per cent pass rate in 2009 to 77 per cent; English A, 23 per cent (2009) to 75 per cent; and Mathematics, 5 per cent (2009) to 35 per cent.

Mathematics was the only subject which recorded a pass rate below 50 per cent at the school.

Several subjects recorded 100 per cent passes, including Agricultural Science, Food & Nutrition, Information Technology (IT), Integrated Science, Principles of Business (POB), Social Studies, Technical Drawing and Physical Education & Sport.

Two of the school’s top performers, Keron Matthews and Raydorn Lampkin, spoke about their elation at having done well in their CSEC examinations.

Matthews is a former student of the St Martin’s Secondary School but graduated last year with few CSEC passes.

“A lot of people were disappointed in me,” he admitted. “I got caught up in having fun and girls. I forgot where I should be heading.”

The 18-year-old wanted to make his parents proud, so he knuckled down and made the most of his second chance at Petit Bordel Secondary.

This year he gained grade 2 passes in Mathematics, IT, POB, Social Studies and Human & Social Biology (HSB); grade 3 passes in English B and Geography; and grade 4 in Principles of Accounts (POA).

The Petit Bordel resident intends to pursue studies in Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology at the Community College.

Matthews advised next year’s CSEC takers to “be focused and study hard”.

“You won’t make it without education,” he warned. “Don’t study the people who sing about hustling and drugs. Education is the way to really make money.”

Sixteen-year-old Raydorn Lampkin, who lives in Chateaubelair, achieved grade 1 in Physical Education & Sport; grade 2 in English A, Social Studies, History and HSB; and grade 3 in English B and IT.

Although she is not quite sure on what career path she would like to venture into, she will be pursuing studies in Sociology, Law and History at the Community College.

“I’m proud of myself,” she beamed. “I stayed up most nights studying.”

Her advice to other students is simple: “Procrastination leads to failure. Hard work brings success.”

Of his top performers, Deputy Principal Kenneth Holder said: “I am confident that they will continue to do well… I look forward to hearing good things from them!”

He acknowledged that on a whole the school still has much work to do, but he is confident that he and other staff members are up to the challenge.

“We hope to continue the trend of great improvement. We want to at least maintain passes in the 80 – 90 percentile.” (JV)