Buccament Bay celebrates with first batch of CSEC results
August 27, 2010
Buccament Bay celebrates with first batch of CSEC results

Alex Burnett and Alesia Malcolm not only hold the honour of being their school’s top performers at the CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, but they are also among the first batch of students to graduate from the Buccament Bay Secondary School.{{more}}}

The constantly smiling duo, who racked up 12 passes between them, spoke to SEARCHLIGHT about their joy at having done so.

“I’m really proud of myself, you know,” said 18-year-old Burnett.

He gained grade 1 passes in Principles of Business (POB), Social Studies and Human & Social Biology (HSB); grade 2 in English A and Principles of Accounts ; and grade 3 in Mathematics.

The Vermont resident thanked his teachers and parents for all their assistance and support.

“There were a lot of bad thoughts about the school,” he added. He believes that the students next year have the ability to do as well as, or even better than, those who passed this year.

“Study hard and stay on the positive side,” Burnett advised. He said that he is interested in furthering his studies in Automechanics or Agricultural Science.

Acting Principal Kay Martin-Jack was pleased with the school’s 63.8 per cent pass rate – given that the students all entered the school (when it was converted from a primary to secondary school in 2005) through the Education Revolution’s universal secondary access programme.

“They had not passed Common Entrance,” she explained. “To see them really come into their own at the end of five years, it makes me happy to know that there is hope for others.”

Martin-Jack added: “They have set the standard. It’s a high bar!”

Seventeen-year-old Alesia Malcolm, also a Vermont resident, thanked her teachers and friends for their assistance and encouragement.

She received passes in Social Studies and Food & Nutrition at grade 2; and English A, Office Administration, HSB and POB at grade 3.

Although she did not pass Mathematics, she intends to re-take it next year – as well as taking classes in Hospitality and Office Management at the Technical College.

Malcolm, who enjoys playing basketball, encouraged next year’s CSEC students to do their best.

“It doesn’t matter what school you go to. You can achieve good grades!”

The Buccament Bay Secondary achieved 100 per cent passes in Food & Nutrition, Home Management, Physical Education & Sport, Social Studies and Office Administration.

The Acting Principal explained that over the past year, the school had put many remediation programmes in place that provided students with a lot of individual attention from teachers and Peace Corps Volunteers.

She further revealed the school’s plan to implement a programme that would involve teachers going out into the community to interact with parents – thus encouraging them to be more involved in their children’s academic preparations.

“One of our major problems is that we have a lot of students with absentee parents. They [students] need that extra support.”

Martin-Jack added: “If these students can be self-motivated, as well as the motivation from the teachers and parents, then they will be successful.”(JV)