August 24, 2010
PM: NDP fundraising – ‘Save Democracy for just $5’

Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves produced documents at Sunday night’s political rally at Mt. Bentick, showing that the New Democratic Party (NDP) has affiliated itself with a multi-millionaire, who has launched a campaign in the United States{{more}} which claims that the basic civil rights and liberties of Vincentians are being jeopardized.

United States businessman, Dave Copps, who has a home in Bequia, has been identified as one of the persons that the NDP has established relations with for the project.

Gonsalves spoke on the issue at length at the public meeting held at Mt Bentick, Georgetown, on Sunday, August 22.

“I wanna tell you something dangerous that the NDP is getting involved in,” Gonsalves told supporters.

“I wanna tell you something very dangerous to show you how unpatriotic the Opposition Leader is,” he continued.

The ULP’s political leader noted that based on information he had in his possession, Copps is in the business of earning money through providing information and technology and had done work for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

The ULP leader charged that the NDP is working in conjunction with Copps and another US businessman, Blake Borris, owner of Dynamo Labs.The Copps and Borris team refer to themselves as CoHabitat.

The Prime minister further stated that Vynette Frederick, Public Relations Officer of the NDP had visited Dallas, Texas to take part in one of CoHabitats’ fund raising events on August 12, dubbed ‘Save Democracy for just $5’.

According to Gonsalves, the fund raiser’s ‘Facebook’ page, states that “The current Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has aligned himself with Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. The New Democratic Party, led by Arnhim Eustace, wants to save SVG by raising the standard of living and guaranteed civil liberties.”

“They gone out there looking for money say that we don’t have no civil rights,” said Gonsalves.

“These are the people who want to form government?” he asked.

“NICE radio talking all they want to talk, St Vincent is the freest country in the Western Hemisphere,” Gonsalves declared.

“We got more freedom here than anywhere else.

“What is the catch phrase? I aligning myself with Chavez,” Gonsalves noted.

According to the Prime Minister, President Chavez and Venezuela have provided the country with assistance ranging from 60 scholarships to the construction of the international airport. (DD)