Most potholes directly linked to blocked drains – BRAGSA
August 20, 2010
Most potholes directly linked to blocked drains – BRAGSA

Three quarters of the potholes found on our nation’s streets are directly linked to blocked drains.{{more}}

According to an official at the Roads, Buildings, and General Services Agency (BRAGSA), in most cases, wherever there are blocked drains, there are potholes.

Communications Officer of BRAGSA, Roxanne Marshall, linked the blockage of drains around St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the flooding that takes place in some areas and the reduced integrity of road surfaces.

Marshall, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, also used the opportunity to encourage the public to refrain from disposing of their garbage and other debris in drains.

“When persons trim their yards and dispose of their garbage, they usually throw it into the drains. So obviously, when the rain comes down it will cause an overflow; hence the reason for the flooding.”

“Anytime there is water pouring down on asphalt you will have cracks and the road will deteriorate.”

“We are asking persons to refrain from doing such – burn your grass, dispose of your garbage properly so as to avoid clogging of drains and hence flooding.”

Marshall indicated that BRAGSA is always doing maintenance on roads and drains.

She noted that there is currently a road maintenance program taking place, in which BRAGSA employees are in the process of packing potholes and grading services.

A call was made for persons who may know of faulty drains and roads to contact the Authority as soon as possible, in order to prevent the instances of flooding which took place after days of rain about two weeks ago.

Marshall also urged the public to be vigilant, and to report land slippages and displaced boulders- which she said is a common occurrence of late.

“We don’t want you to wait until the rains come to notify BRAGSA, she appealed.

“Notify us as soon as possible, so that they can be cleared.”

“We want the public’s full cooperation as we work together to eliminate some of the problems we are having.” (JJ)