Thieves vandalise Moses’ business place
August 13, 2010
Thieves vandalise Moses’ business place

The offices of East West Ship Services located at Campden Park, property of businessman Pauldric Moses, were burglarized and vandalized earlier this week.{{more}}

Jimmy Moses, son of Pauldric, said that he made the discovery when he entered the building sometime around 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday, August 10.

The young man told SEARCHLIGHT that he left the office on Monday, August 9, sometime in the morning and did not return until the following day.

That is when he was greeted by the chaos.

The perpetrator(s) ransacked the offices and made off with one desk top computer, which according to Moses contains information on the business.

This latest incident comes on the heels of another incident which occurred at the same location, when according to Moses a gentleman vandalized the doors of his place of business.

Moses said that the irate man pried off the doors with a pig foot.

The police were called in to deal with the matter, but Moses indicated that both parties had come to an amicable settlement after the man agreed to repair the damage.

Moses also told SEARCHLIGHT that within recent times, he and his family have been receiving death threats.

He added that he is fearful for his life.

The saga began after a number of persons began making demands for a refund of money that was paid to the Cruise Ship recruiting company.

“For the past few days, I have been studying the threats and I have been having fear – I don’t know who is who,” he explained.

But both men contend that the persons issuing the threats are not the ones to whom money is owed.

“Persons who are the ones coming in and making threats are not the ones who have money owed to them,” Jimmy Moses contended.

“I know I owe the people, I must pay the people,” Moses told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I will give the people what is owed to them, but the violence is becoming a problem.”

“The situation as it is now has me worried,” he added.

Nevertheless, Moses said that he intends to continue issuing refunds to people, “section by section” and then begin taking care of those persons who are serious about pursuing a career on a cruise line.

He added that the latest attack by vandals will set his plans for new recruitment with Disney Cruise Lines back, but says that he is still willing to assist his people.

“Nobody is going to run me from my country,” Moses said. (DD)