August 6, 2010
Walker home suffers damage by fire

The Walker family was spared a potentially tragic occurrence after a fire occurred at their Frenches home{{more}} during the wee hours of the morning of Monday, August 2.

According to Police, the fire occurred sometime after 2 a.m. on Monday.

Police sources also stated that the cause of the fire was unknown.

The concrete abode was spared severe structural damage, but more importantly there were no reports of serious injuries or loss of life.

The Walker family is no stranger to misfortune. In 1992, their son, former national footballer Garfield ‘Ahwoo’ Walker died in a vehicular accident, while a younger son, Clifford Walker succumbed to a similar fate on March 29 this year.

Patriarch of the family, Percy Walker, refused to comment on the matter when contacted by SEARCHLIGHT. (DD)