Medical Association’s outreach  programme tests hearing of elderly
August 6, 2010
Medical Association’s outreach programme tests hearing of elderly

As part of the Community Outreach by members of the SVG Medical Association, the elderly at the Golden Years Activity Centre at Cane Grove were treated to Hearing Testing by this country’s only USA/UK Certified Audiometrist Shannon Durrant.{{more}}

On Tuesday July 28, 17 persons, aged 69 – 95, who are registered members of the Centre, were assessed by Durrant using the state-of-the-art high technology Digital Hearing System. These Senior citizens were having this experience for the first time, and welcomed Durrant’s attention.

Hearing deficits/deafness is common in any population, and particularly so in the elderly. The findings reflected that approximately 6 of these seniors displayed from moderate to profound deficits and will be fitted for hearing devices to improve their qualify of life.

This voluntary programme is being conducted in a goodwill arrangement with the National Insurances Services, under whose ambit the Golden Years Activity Centres fall. The programme will be extended to the Black Point Centre in the upcoming months.

Durrant is an Associate member of the SVG Medical Association and can be reached at 457-0317.