August 3, 2010
Three off to youth programme

Chanelle Thomas, Denise Westfield and Seth Isaacs are proudly representing St.Vincent and the Grenadines at a programme in Martinique for the youth of the Caribbean.{{more}}

The event runs from July 30 to August 13.

They will take part in exhibitions, discussions, lectures and artistic presentations, at a number of venues in Martinique.

They have expressed their gratitude to the institutions (Ministry of Culture, Tourism Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alliance Française, etc.) and persons who have helped them prepare for their trip by providing them with materials (books, brochures, music, flag, etc.) to represent SVG.

Each year, the organization OMDAC of Martinique, in collaboration with the French Embassy to St. Lucia and the Alliance Françaises in each of the countries involved, organizes the “15zaine de la jeunesse Caribéenne” (two weeks for the Caribbean Youth) during which they invite two to three young persons from different parts of the Caribbean to visit Martinique and share about their countries and its culture.