August 3, 2010
Miguel re-elected unopposed for ULP

by Patmos Richards Tue, Aug 3, 2010

Speculation that current parliamentary representative for Marriaqua, Girlyn Miguel, will not be contesting the next general elections has proven to be false.{{more}}

On Sunday, July 25, over two hundred constituents of the Marriaqua community gathered at the Marriaqua Community Centre to elect a candidate for the Unity Labour Party (ULP) for the next General Elections.

Apparently satisfied with her representation, no one from the ULP offered his or herself to be a prospective candidate for the party. So Miguel will be contesting the next general elections constitutionally due in March, 2011.

Former NDP Senator, Gerald ‘Rasum’ Shallow and ULP member of parliament Clayton Burgin were in attendance last week Sunday. Liley Cato chaired the proceedings and brief remarks came from some prominent members of the Marriaqua community, including Jennifer Richardson.

Miguel on her part delivered a beautiful rendition in song “Can’t even walk without you holding my hand,” in recognition of her faith in Christ. She then reflected on her achievements during her tenure in office and outlined a number of projects she has in mind for the future.