Maddzart to Canada with Madd Symphony
August 3, 2010
Maddzart to Canada with Madd Symphony

After a six-year drought, Vincentians in the Canadian Diaspora will finally get their chance to see the King, Maddzart, as he and his entourage will be making a long awaited appearance at Caribana 2010.{{more}}

The contingent left the state Wednesday, July 28 on a 12-day tour of Canada which will include the long awaited appearance by Maddzart and the Madd Symphony.

The party officially gets underway tomorrow, Saturday July 31 with a performance at the ‘Hungarian Hall’ in Toronto.

“I haven’t been to Canada since 2004 and the hardcore fans have been waiting, so too have some of the younger fans,” Raeon ‘Maddzart’ Primus told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The ‘King Road’ is pretty popular and I will be looking to take over all the highways and by-ways,” he said.

The band will be returning to St Vincent for a few days before going off to New York to take part in Labour Day celebrations on September 6.

As for future endeavours particularly in the region, Maddzart said that his Road March smasher has been a hit in Trinidad.

“It has been playing quite a lot in Trinidad; in fact we are figuring out how to sustain the life of the song.”

Shooting of a music video for the ‘King Road’ is expected to begin here sometime in October. (DD)