July 30, 2010
Young girls told: Stay away from certain events

A popular local promoter has given the girls who attended the recently held Diamond Evangelical Church purity retreat a brutal dose of the male perspective on women.{{more}}

On Saturday, July 24, Regis “Splectron” Williams, among other things, advised the girls gathered at the Layou Miracle Church that in order for them to remain pure, they should stay away from certain events, including boat rides.

He also advised them not to be alone at their boyfriend’s house to limit the chance of getting involved in sexual activity.

The girls were told that showing “lots of skin” and wearing particular clothing can “get a man going”.

He also encouraged the girls to stay away from wild parties and to be careful what drinks they accept from guys as they can be ‘spiked’.

Splectron, who hosts television shows and promotes many events including fairs and boatrides, also told the teens things to look for that would indicate a boyfriend is cheating.

Signs include lack of attention, not taking phone calls when he is around you and being secretive, Splectron said. He also explained that players have no problem dumping a girl after a sexual encounter, and that most men cheat because of the adventure and excitement derived from it.

The girls, who seemed to be enjoying the session, asked many questions, often exclaiming at the brutal answers they received.

Members of the Diamond Evangelical Church women’s ministry later explained to the girls that the inclusion of Splectron as a speaker was done to expose them to the reality of how men think. She added that as Christian women, they sometimes get involved with non-Christian men or men who are ‘players’.

The girls also learnt about teenage and unwanted pregnancies, the effects and consequences; sexual, physical and verbal abuse; pornography and the importance of sexual purity. The retreat targeted girls from 13-25 years old.