Inspector John: Traffic accidents on the decrease
July 30, 2010
Inspector John: Traffic accidents on the decrease

Since January of this year, reports of traffic accidents have been on the decrease.{{more}}

This was confirmed by head of the Traffic Department of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, Inspector Kenneth John, who noted that 389 accidents were reported in 2010 between January and June, while 509 were reported over the same period in 2009.

John disclosed that in January, 67 accidents were reported; 80 were reported over the same period in 2009. He said 64 accidents were reported in February 2010, while 81 were reported in 2009.

In March 2010, there was also a steady decline in the number of accidents reported. During that month, 57 accidents were reported, while 94 were reported in 2009.

The largest number of reported cases of accidents for 2010 took place in April, but the figure of 76 was still far less than the same period in 2009 when 94 accidents occured.

John said 69 accidents were reported in May of this year, while 86 were reported in 2009.

The month of June saw the least number of accidents being reported, 56. Seventy-four were reported in 2009.

“We in the Traffic Department feel very good,” said John, noting that patrols and traffic checks carried out during the day and night by his officers in centralized areas as well rural areas were responsible for the reduction.

“When you look at our stats, our roads are safer,” said John.

He, however, noted: “One accident is one too many.”

Discussing a measure that has proven to be effective in curbing accidents, John said a survey was carried out by the Traffic Department of areas prone to accidents. He said traffic officers have been stationed in those areas to control the traffic.

John said his department responds promptly to calls from the public and this has also proven to be effective.

“Our main aim is safety,” said John.

John said unlike 2009 when there were 87 injury related accidents between January and June, in 2010 there were 63 during the same period.

Statistics provided by the traffic head to support the claim of reduction of reported accidents also showed that there was a significant reduction in the number of reported accidents during the 2010 Carnival.

This year there were 29 reported cases, while there were 51 over the same period last year. (HN)