July 27, 2010
UWI Open Campus to establish support fund

UWI Open Campus is making strides to establish a Student Support Fund.{{more}}

Come this Friday the higher learning institution will buzz with activities to celebrate Emancipation Day, but more so to raise funds to support students in need of financial assistance.

The event which begins at 4p.m. will have local dishes and drinks on sale.

Senior Administrative Assistant, Camille Lakhram, said the idea of a Student Support Fund derived out of the need to help students who find it difficult to pay their school fees which will be increased from $650 to $810 come September.

The funds raised will also be used to improve the surroundings of the campus site.

Lakhram explained, the event was a case of “helping us, help you.”

She stated that if each of the 200 students bought a ticket for only $18.00 and sold another to a friend, they would significantly contribute to the fund.

She also emphasized that the affair dubbed, “Moods of Emancipation” would be a meet and greet with the staff.

The Senior Administrative Assistant said issues such as improving the wireless range on campus was high on the agenda but she reinforced the need to help students access funds which was not easily accessible through leading agencies.

The UWI Open Campus will also host the highly anticipated Summer Camp for 11 to13 year olds from August 3-13.