July 27, 2010
Teaching is fun for Peace Corps Volunteer

The jovial personalities of the many students that she engages with keeps Ericha Sappington motivated.{{more}}

The Peace Corps Volunteer has no children of her own, but enjoys the company of the students at the Brighton Primary School, where she volunteers.

Sappington joined the Peace Corps as she saw it as an opportunity to help people while traveling the world. Her first assignment was to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and so far she has enjoyed the experience.

“It’s been good. Like any other job it has its ups and downs, for the most part I would definitely say it’s been good,” she said during an interview with SEARCHLIGHT.

Sappington assists the literacy coordinator at the Brighton Primary school in providing remedial reading classes for the students.

She also participates in an after school village reading programme with fellow Peace Corps volunteer Ann Crytser and the JEMS organization.

Sappington related that she enjoys working with children as they are always excited about learning, and press on even though they have a difficult time with their academics.

Working here for 11 months, the Idaho native has had to battle with being patient, one of her many challenges. Sappington related that it took some time for her to see her ideas take shape.

“The Peace Corps tell you that it takes about six months; the first six months are trying because you have all these ideas (not knowing how to bring them out).

I kept reminding myself that things take time.”

Sappington said she has now learnt, “to go with the flow” and to be patient. She is hoping to set up programmes within her community to get persons more involved and more excited about working together.

She, however, sees the need for more parent involvement in the schools as children usually miss out on activities in the community and at school.

“The kids miss out a lot on what they can be doing. It will be good to encourage the parents and for the teachers to communicate with the parents and vice versa,” Sappington said.

Sappington will leave St. Vincent in October 2011, but has not decided on her next venture.

“I’d like to go back to school, keep seeing different parts of the world, and come back (to St. Vincent) for sometime to do more work.”