July 27, 2010
Police Summer Camp grooming young musicians

When the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Summer programme concludes, 50 children {{more}} between the ages of 9-15 will be better musicians.

The annual summer programme that has been in existence for the past three yeas, commenced on Monday, July 19, at the Old Montrose Police Station and is scheduled to come to a close on August 20.

Over the next month, the children will hone their muscial talents on the steelpan, guitar, drum, trumpet and recorder instruments.

Deputy Band Master of the Police Band Station Sergeant Bernard Haynes said the first week of activities has been successful to the point where some of the children have already mastered the different instruments. Haynes noted that the programme continues to grow each year and the children’s interest continues to grow as well.

Haynes is of the belief that the sooner children learn to play musical instruments, it will help in their school work and make them more disciplined individuals.

“Such programmes help to keep them occupied and help them to stay on the right path,” Haynes said.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the young ones at the Police Band Room at Largo Height on Friday, July 23, they were bubbling with excitement as they played their various instruments lustily while the cameras flashed away.

Steel Pan instructor, PC370 Shaun Jack said he is happy with the level of committment shown by the children. Jack noted that children tend to gravitate towards playing the pan more than any other instrument.

“I dont know what is keeping their attention but they love the pan and they are learning quickly too,” said Jack.

With a broad smile on her face, 13 year old Thomas Saunders Secondary School student, Delé Myers, said she did not know much about the pan before coming to the summer programme. Myers said she has learnt a lot in a short space of time.

“I really like it and it is easy to play because the music is fun,” she stated.