Digicel rewards more customers
July 23, 2010
Digicel rewards more customers

Over 500 persons have each collected EC$1000 through Digicel’s Loyalty programme, bringing the amount of money given away to customers so far to over EC$500,000.{{more}}

And according to Marketing Manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche, “The loyalty programme will go on until all customers on the network are given EC$1000.”

The latest batch of Digicel Loyalty Programme winners consists of nine persons and each of them walked away with EC$1000. The five women and four men received their loyalty cheques from DeRoche last Monday at the company’s conference room located in the Lewis Building on James Street.

Speaking to the winners, DeRoche revealed that although the Loyalty Programme has given out EC$500,000 to date, the programme will not stop until every pre-paid and post paid customer on the Digicel network gets EC$1000. The Programme, according to DeRoche, is designed “to reward Digicel’s customers for their loyalty to the company over the years.” It is possible that at the end of the Loyalty Programme, the company would have given back over EC$1 million to customers.

The Digicel Loyalty Programme gives customers who are randomly chosen EC$1,000. After a customer is rewarded, the names are placed in a virtual ‘trash can’, giving way to other customers who have not yet been rewarded. However, if a customer has more than one phone, they will also receive EC$1,000 because of that phone.

Thanking the winners for their support, DeRoche encouraged the customers to “continue supporting the bigger better network as we strive to make our service even better”.