July 16, 2010
Senior cop says Vincy Mas 2K10 peaceful

Even though there was a rise in the number of reports made to the police for this year’s Carnival festivities, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Eckron Lockhart, still believes that this was the most peaceful carnival he has ever experienced.{{more}}

93 crimes were reported to the Criminal Investigations Department between June 25 and July 6, 2010, an increase from the 67 reports made in 2009 between the period June 26 to July 7, 2009.

There were 19 reports of theft, which saw one person being charged. There were also16 cases of Assault and Bodily harm, with two persons being charged. There were thirteen reports of damage to property. Charges were laid against two persons for these offences. Twelve persons were also brought before the law court to answer charges of drug possession.

Six persons were charged with possession of an offensive weapon, while one person was charged with discharging a firearm. Seven cases of pick-pocketing were reported. All of these cases were reported from events at the Victoria Park. Six reports were made of wounding and there was one case of unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under15 reported. That person has since been charged.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Lockhart said the “No Bottle Policy” was perhaps the biggest factor contributing to the carnival season being so quiet. “This policy is gradually catching on with vendors, and I think it has reduced the instances of crime during the Carnival season,” Lockhart said.

His comment was backed up by this year’s statistics, which show that only two cases of bottle related incidents were reported, a decrease from four in 2009.

Stating that some vendors are still “sloppy” when it comes to securing empty bottles, Lockhart noted that further discussions will have to be held with the stakeholders to combat the problem.

Since the “No Bottle Policy” was implemented, no one has ever been charged with violating the policy. However, this might change soon.

“There will come a time when someone will be prosecuted….We have been tolerant in only warning persons and taking away glass bottles when we meet them,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart also commended the public for their conduct throughout the Carnival season, which Lockhart noted made the work of the police much easier. “The public behaved exceptionally well and co-operated fully with the police,” Lockhart said.

He also lauded members of the local constabulary for working tirelessly to make sure that persons felt safe while having a festive time. “Carnival takes a lot of sacrifice, and it is not easy to police….Carnival brings challenges every year, which calls for new strategies,” noted Lockhart.

81 reports were made for Carnival in 2008. (KW)