Bus flips in Bequia
July 9, 2010
Bus flips in Bequia

The community of Paget Farm in Bequia was thrown into a state of shock last weekend as omnibus HJ999 named Guidance overturned on the road to Derrick Hill.{{more}}

Luckily, no lives were lost.

The bus was carrying passengers from mainland St.Vincent Saturday, July 3, to their camp site which required the bus to go up a very steep hill. Unfortunately, the vehicle encountered some difficulties while moving up the hill and began to roll back at an uncontrollable pace.

SEARCHLIGHT understands there were no serious injuries, but some of the passengers were taken to the hospital with minor cuts and bruises and sprained limbs.

The incident attracted many onlookers. Over the years, many vehicles and trucks have encountered problems at that location with some of them having accidents.