Fashion Caribbean set for August 14
June 25, 2010
Fashion Caribbean set for August 14

Organizers of Fashion Caribbean 2010 are promising to deliver a unique, vibrant and sizzling showpiece this summer.{{more}}

The event will be staged by the Image Modelling Agency at the Emerald Valley Resort and Casino on Saturday, August 14.

The agency’s models are already in preparation, as they gear themselves for an impressive show.

The event was originally slated to take place at Fort Charlotte, but after consultations with the Ministry of Tourism, it was decided that Emerald Valley was more ideal to hold the main event, with Fort Charlotte hosting one of the smaller activities.

This year, the Agency’s emphasis will be on showcasing the best of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A special weekend of activities will also be staged for local and international designers and media.

Fashion Caribbean 2010 will open with a private Cultural evening and Cocktail Party. An overland island tour; a Friday Vincy Lime at St Vincent’s top hot-spots for regional and international guests and media; the main fashion event; and a Grenadine cruise completes the package.

Image Modelling Agency has disclosed that it wants to use Fashion Caribbean as part of a three year Fashion Tourism initiative that will feature St Vincent and the Grenadines, its culture, people and unique beauty through the excitement of the high-end fashion event.

According to Managing Director, Monique Arthur-Tash, Fashion Caribbean is a well-placed event, on a par with other regional events of this nature.

“We intend to use Fashion Caribbean to bring attention to St Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a win-win for SVG, as the people who follow fashion regionally and internationally would be right in line with the demographic that SVG wants to attract because of our high-end tourism,” said Arthur-Tash.

She said the international and regional media’s trip is being funded through the assistance of Invest SVG.

This year’s event, which will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, will also showcase new designers called the Fashion Caribbean’s “Fresh Faces of Fashion”.