29 students graduate from Petersville School
June 25, 2010
29 students graduate from Petersville School

The young graduates of the Petersville primary school were challenged with one question: “Can anything good come out of me, my family, my community?”{{more}}

This was the question put to twenty-nine graduates by keynote speaker at the school’s graduation Paul Duncan. The school’s graduation ceremony took place on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at the Church of the Ascension at Sion Hill.

Giving the feature address, Duncan explained to the students that success is not having the best car, or the biggest house or the most money, but that success is “The attainment of peace and happiness without violating the rights of others.”

He added that it takes more than excellence in academics to be successful, but that it takes moral conduct to excel in life.

Duncan also urged parents and teachers to teach the children that failure is a stepping stone as it gives them a chance to learn from their mistakes. He advised the children not to look to grudge everyone else’s achievements or possessions, but to examine themselves where they are and where they can go.

“Your success is not determined by the opinion of others. Your destiny is based on your decision today,” Duncan said.

Giving the Headteacher’s address, principal of the school Rosalyn Peters shared her concern about the children’s behaviour, noting that attitude problems are a hindrance to learning.

Peters commented on the absence of text and exercise books, poor punctuality and the unsatisfactory dress code of some the students. She urged the children to change their attitude before it is too late.

She also encouraged parents and guardians to spend time with their children as well as to attend Parent Teacher Association Meetings and chat with teachers to learn more about their child’s educational journey.

The ceremony also featured addresses by Head Boy Ronald Young and Graduate of the Year Adiel Hope.

Prizes were also awarded to Hope for her excellence in Mathematics, English and for placing first for the school in the Common Entrance Examinations (CEE). Johnathan Cruckshank and Doren Antrobus were awarded for placing second and third respectively for the school in the CEE. Prizes were also awarded to students in top positions from Prep1 to Grade 4.

The incoming Head Boy Ahmad Howard and Head Girl Cederia Bonadie for the 2010-2011 school year, as well as their deputies Nigel Thomas and Rhenna Phillips were sashed at the ceremony.