June 18, 2010
Scott named Best Recruit at Passing Out Parade

Constable 250 Pedro Scott possesses all the qualities of a great police officer. So it was no surprise when he was named the Best Recruit at the 29th Passing Out Parade of Recruits at the Old Montrose Police Station on Thursday, June 10, 2010.{{more}}

Scott was also awarded with the Baton of Honour, the Commissioner’s Trophy and the Dr. A. Cecil Cyrus Trophy. Scott also nabbed the award for being best at multi-discipline subjects and best at Sociology.

Other awards went to PC 470 Cornelius Tittle, who took home the Chief Instructor’s Award; the best at military and best at multi-discipine subjects awards.

Delivering the valedictory speech, Scott stated that the six months of vigorous training both in the classrooms and in the field paid off tremendously.

He noted the transition from a civilian to police was challenging, which at times, broke the spirits of his peers. “It was hard for all of us, but I know we all gained a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that enabled us to be more efficient,” Scott said.

Scott is now attached to the Criminal Investiagtions Department.

The course commenced on January 4, 2010, with a total of 56 recruits including four females. At Thursday’s graduation, 54 police officers were left standing.

The local constabulary now stands at 912 with Thursday’s injection of new police officers.

Attorney General, Judith Jones-Morgan, who shared brief remarks on behalf of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, applauded not only the new police officers but the entire police force for the work they have been doing.

Jones-Morgan beseeched the policemen to keep striving for excellence and said that her chambers looks forward to working with them.

“Remember you must not sit on your laurels and find yourself outdated,” she urged. She also advised them not to abuse their power when in their uniform.

Delivering the Graduation address, Senator Michelle Fife showered praises on the graduates for achieving great success and also urged them not to settle in their achievements.

“You must learn to maximize your potential and be great…be that spark today. you have done remarkably well to get to this point and now your journey begins,” Fife noted.

Fife urged the officers not to bury their talents and to keep on striving for greater education.

“Take time to acquire more knowledge so that you can execute your duties more efficiently and effectively,” Fife added.