Chrislon puts God first
June 18, 2010
Chrislon puts God first

The presence of his God, and encouragement from his family and friends are what Chrislon Fraser attributes to his success in the Common Entrance Examinations.{{more}}

Fraser, an eleven-year-old student of the Kingstown Preparatory School, placed fifth overall with scores of 93.94 % for English, 90% for General Paper and 98. 33% for Mathematics.

The son of Deon and Trunus Fraser of Barrouallie and Spring Village, respectively, related to SEARCHLIGHT that he was elated and overjoyed by his performance. “I wasn’t nervous or anything. I just put God by my side and he helped me,” Fraser said.

He added that the hard work and studying also assisted him greatly.

Fraser related that he had to give up most of his television viewing and video games and heed the words of his mother who always encouraged him to study hard.

The exams themselves, he concluded, were not difficult but depended on interpretation.

“I wouldn’t say it was easy, I wouldn’t say it was hard. It all depends on how you read and analyze the question, how you interpret it,” Fraser said.

Although satisfied with his marks, Fraser believes there is still room for improvement. “That’s what my mom always says.”

With goals of becoming a scientist or a lawyer, Fraser hopes to continue his education at the St. Vincent Grammar School.