Vincy fishermen get big heroes’ welcome
June 11, 2010
Vincy fishermen get big heroes’ welcome

A heroes welcome was given to the three

fishermen who had been stranded at sea for over

10 days.{{more}}

Throngs of persons flocked to the E.T. Joshua Airport on Wednesday, June 9, 2010, to greet the men who battled adverse weather conditions and life threatening situations and survived to tell their grim tale.

Mark Dennie, Amron “Johnny” Simmonet and Walter “Colonel” Lynch were rescued on Thursday, June 4, just off the coast off Puerto Rico after being adrift since May 24, 2010.

Relatives, friends and government officials could not wait to hug the fishermen as they alighted the LIAT aircraft shortly after 6:35pm.

Dennie, who spoke on behalf of the three, described in detail of their near brushes with death on the seas. A healthy looking Dennie thanked this country’s prime minister; his cousin, lawyer Olin Dennie; his son, Jomarley Cryus; consular officer in Washington D.C. Asram Soleyn, who helped with getting their documents; Mark Lulley; parliamentary representative René Baptiste; all the persons in Puerto Rico and all those in St Vincent and the Grenadines who searched or prayed for them.

Halfway through the press conference, Dennie’s sons, Marchris and Marcus, who had just arrived, rushed to the table to hug their father. “I love you my sons. Daddy is home. Daddy is here,” Dennie said, as he gave his sons a tight embrace and smothered them with kisses.

The father of five offered advice to fishermen when they go out to sea. He beseeched them to take along adequate food and proper equipment when they venture out.

Welcoming back the trio, Prime Minister Gonsalves said that the men’s story sounded like a script from a movie.

“Without faith and solidarity and belief in almighty God, I know you couldn’t make it. You have given an inspiration that we shouldn’t give up,” Gonsalves said as he described the men as heroes.

Parliamentary Representative for West Kingstown René Baptiste praised the men for their bravery. She said it was a great joy to hear that the men were alive and well. Baptiste thanked all the persons who worked tirelessly in their search for the trio.

Upon exiting the V.I.P lounge, the men boarded an open back pick up truck and rode into Kingstown motorcade style, waving to persons as they headed to Rose Place, where a welcome home party was held.