June 11, 2010
Rural interactive matrix unveiled

The Ministry of Rural Transformation, Information, Public Service and Ecclesiastical Affairs on Tuesday, June 1, unveiled a new interactive matrix to allow for the monitoring of the strategic plan to assist rural communities here.{{more}}

The interactive matrix is a computer based programme that will allow for better collaboration among all government and private stakeholders.

“Today it is difficult to assess the millions of dollars and the millions of hours spent investing in rural life,” Nathaniel Williams, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Transformation, said, noting that there needed to be some level of accountability.

“The Ministry has been mandated to coordinate, not necessarily implement, heavy duty projects,” he continued.

“What the government has done is to implement a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to assess what is going on in the community.”

And this is what the new interactive matrix is expected to do.

This week’s launch marked the end of a process that started back in 2008 to set up an online system in which all agents of the state and private organizations could input their activities, the Permanent Secretary said.

“We would now be saving time, financial resources if we join forces in the community we work,” Williams reasoned.