June 4, 2010
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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Nicole Bonadie-Baker, has made it clear that her Ministry does not discuss internal matters in the media.{{more}}

Bonadie-Baker was responding to SEARCHLIGHT’s inquiry regarding a test question on a grade five paper at the CW Prescod Primary School in December 2009.

The question, which required students to fill in blank spaces with vowels read: “The Qu— —n is our head of state, thanks to the many Dunce Vincentians.”

When asked what actions were being taken by the Ministry with regard to this situation, Bonadie-Baker responded: “We are not going to discuss matters in the papers.”

“Just know that all matters – be it inside the Ministry, or outside of it which may affect the Ministry, are being dealt with.”

“We take action on them and we write on them,” Bonadie-Baker added.

Bonadie-Baker acknowledged that the Ministry and media have long had a ‘good working relationship’ and are usually very cooperative with each other, but while some departments may deal with their internal matters in the press, that was not the position of her Ministry.

Headteacher of the CW Prescod Primary School, Hyacinth Harry, when contacted on the matter two weeks ago, said that she was not aware of the test question.(JJ)