June 4, 2010
Headmistress wins trip to FIFA World Cup

Headmistress of the Girls’ High School, Andrea Bowman, has won the Digicel FIFA World Cup trip for two to South Africa.{{more}}

On Monday morning, just before lunch, Bowman’s routine at school was interrupted by Digicel representatives and members of the media.

Looking genuinely surprised, Bowman thought that she had won just another Digicel promotion, until Juno DeRoche informed her that she had indeed won the trip for two to South Africa.

“This is wonderful,” Bowman beamed, adding that her son Shaka will accompany her to South Africa.

Obviously surprised at winning, Bowman who is a Digicel post-paid customer commented that she was so shocked that she could speak only in superlatives. “This is amazing; this is great actually; this is amazing; this is excellent; wonderful; I can’t believe this,” she said.

Bowman stated that she has been a Digicel customer for a number of years. She qualified for the draw by paying her cell phone bill.

The package includes US$1,000 spending money, two tickets to the finals on July 11, departure tax and free accommodations.

Bowman and her son will leave St. Vincent on July 7. While in South Africa, the mother son duo will have the opportunity to go on a Safari tour and a tour of soccer city where they can meet some of the soccer stars.

Bowman, who favours the Brazil soccer team, said that she had been thinking about going to South Africa even before winning the prize. “Well, now I have to go. I have no choice,” she exclaimed.

Bowman, after composing herself, said that she has been a customer for a long time but only learnt to text on April 19. She revealed that her son Shaka was named after the South African warrior Shaka Zulu, hence her interest in wanting to visit South Africa.

Digicel’s Country Manager, Sonia Polius, and Juno DeRoche, Marketing Manager, congratulated Bowman on her winnings and for being a customer of Digicel.

Persons were entered in the Make the Team promotion when they topped up $25 or more, signed up for pre paid or postpaid Blackberry, purchased a Blackberry or talked for three minutes on a local call or five minutes on an international call.

The South Africa trip is valued at EC$50,000.