Hat-trick for Grammar  School Young Leaders
May 28, 2010
Hat-trick for Grammar School Young Leaders

The St Vincent Grammar School has made it three in a row and is once again this country’s RBTT Young Leaders champions.{{more}}

Mbeki Swift, President of the Grammar School’s Young Leaders group, told SEARCHLIGHT that despite the obvious pressure to retain the title, it was a good feeling to have accomplished the feat.

“Yes, indeed the pressure was on us to bring the hat-trick, but we didn’t focus too much on the competitive aspect of it,” he said.

He commended the effort of his team saying that the guys showed determination and maturity, qualities which contributed to the school’s success.

“The guys really put their best foot forward.”

Randy Boucher, student coordinator, commended the team for the maturity displayed.

There was very little teacher interference, Boucher said.

“The guys were upfront and they really stuck to it,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The hard work really paid off.”

The theme for this year’s competition was “Holistic Wellness. The Journey Towards a more fulfilling life.”

The presentation ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, May 25, at the Peace Memorial Hall, saw The St Clair Dacon Secondary School receiving the award for second place for the second consecutive year.

“We had a lot of problems getting information out,” Charmaine Deane, Coordinating teacher at the school, explained.

She, however, said that the team was pleased with the second place finish and that they would still be looking to “achieve great things.”

And after a two year absence, the Adelphi Secondary rounded up the top three.

“Words cannot express the way we feel – we were out for 2 years – it is a good feeling,” Megan Williams, coordinating teacher, told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The students worked tirelessly throughout the competition and we are looking for greater things in the upcoming year,” she said.

Rounding up the top performances for this year was Lisa Hussein of the West St George Secondary who walked away with the ‘Most Outstanding Young Leaders Award’.

This year’s competition saw a total of 11 schools participating encompassing over 300 students.

Next year’s theme has already been announced: ‘Water – beyond the surface, sustaining life; ensuring out future’. (DD)