May 21, 2010
Ferrara: ‘This is not a drama to fear’

The Caribbean HIV&AIDS Alliance’s St Vincent Office has teamed up with Blue Bucket Entertainment to embark on a series of street theatre productions aimed at empowering individuals on issues relating to the deadly disease.{{more}}

“Project Think Red” is a six-week long programme in which residents of various communities throughout the country will be given the opportunity to be informed on a range of issues including testing, preventative measures and topics surrounding stigma and discrimination by way of a one hour dramatization.

“The purpose is to inform via a new intervention,” Kevin Ferrara, Programme Coordinator, said at a press conference Wednesday, May 12.

He noted that the project is sensitive to the issues affecting persons, as the script was written by someone who has had a close working relationship with persons infected with HIV/AIDS.

Persons are not as open to discussing issues related to sexual practices in the open, according to Ferrara.

It is then anticipated that the project would make persons more comfortable in open discussions about issues relating to sex, HIV and AIDS.

“This is not a drama to fear, but drama to bring acceptance,” Ferrara explained.

The productions are expected to be staged in sixteen locations across St. Vincent beginning on Sunday, May 16, in Sion Hill and Redemption Sharpes, and are expected to continue every Sunday until July 18, 2010.(DD)