May 14, 2010
Beadle is Program Assistant at 100.5

With the recent launch of Total Inspiration 100.5 comes the appointment of its Program Assistant, in the form of Richard Beadle. Beadle is uniquely qualified for the new position at Total Inspiration 100.5, because of his specific experience in media and his involvement in the Ministry; he has been trained in both print and electronic media in Jamaica, with specific strengths in Radio Programming and Production.{{more}}

During his first few months in St Vincent, he fell in love with the country and decided to make it his home, after reconnecting with his faith through the local fellowship of his hometown church, the Kingstown International Church of Christ.

After a brief stint with Total FM, Richard later assumed the post of Operations Manager with Cross Country Radio, and was very active in all areas, including the technical and production elements of the station, developing and hosting programs, staff training, and Sales and Marketing.

Richard says he is thrilled with his new position at Total Inspiration 100.5: “I’m passionate about four things… this job takes three of these “loves of my life” – Radio, Worship Ministry and studying the Word of God, and combines them into what I can truly say is my dream job!” His fourth passion, Richard says, is his family, whose love and support take first priority after his personal commitment to God. He is a devoted husband and father, and enjoys fishing, sports and fellowship with close friends.

Commenting on the move by SVGBC to manage and operate a gospel station, Beadle says he believes that it has long been the need of the hour in St Vincent. “There are too many things to distract us, to discourage us, to divide us as a people. The negative and destructive influences are many,” Richard observes. “Where can we turn to feel inspired, challenged and uplifted at the same time, 24/7? The options have been few. Total Inspiration 100.5 will provide a “more music less talk” format, and will be that station that offers consistent spiritual enrichment… the music will make you laugh, cry, pray, sing along, smile, dance and praise! Just tune in and be inspired!”

“The arrival of Mr. Beadle is indeed a step in the right direction” says Candice Sealey, Head of Sales & Marketing at the SVG Broadcasting Corporation. Sealey added that Beadle brings a plethora of experience and can be considered a successful and experienced media professional. She notes that his passion for radio, his active involvement in the local gospel community, his background, training and experience makes him a natural fit.

His responsibilities will include, among other things, liasing with clients as well as planning and executing content including music and programming.

Through his appointment, Total Inspiration 100.5 intends to create programming relevant to the gospel community especially since Beadle is a born again Christian. It is felt that his experience in the easy listening niche and his deep appreciation of gospel music will highlight the fact that Total Inspiration does have a genuine interest in the gospel community and is not simply a radio station playing gospel music.