April 30, 2010
Thomas: No need to invite anyone from ULP

The People’s Movement for Change (PMC) has dismissed suggestions that the organization had a sinister motive in not inviting the Unity Labour Party (ULP) to have a representative at the consultation on airport development held Tuesday, April 27.{{more}}

Jomo Thomas, PMC’s General Secretary, said that as far as the organization he represents was concerned, the government’s view on the subject has already been articulated.

“It was our view that there was no need to invite anyone from the Unity Labour Party,” Thomas said.

“It has nothing to do with dislike for the Unity Labour Party or dislike for Prime Minister Gonsalves because it is our estimation the policy as it relates to airport development has been adequately and forcefully articulated by the Prime Minister.”

Panellists at the event included Senator Daniel Cummings of the New Democratic Party; Angus Steele, President of The Chamber of Industry and Commerce; Dr Rudy Matthias, C.E.O of the International Airport Development Company (IADC), and Oscar Allen, Chairman of the PMC.

According to Thomas, Dr Ralph Gonsalves presented his government’s view in August 2005, and in every address after that he has presented the view.

Thomas also contended that not only has the ULP’s view been articulated, but the ULP administration has also implemented this policy as is evident by the formation of the IADC and with the commencement of physical work on the site.

“So we didn’t think there needed to be any further elaboration by the Prime Minister or government,” he said.

The PMC General Secretary expressed the view that policy development was not only for politicians.

“We believe that people can help articulate, develop and force change in directing policy, so it is not only the role of politicians” Thomas said. (DD)