Mckenzie: I, too, grew up with stress
April 30, 2010
Mckenzie: I, too, grew up with stress

Safiya Mc Kenzie attributes her academic success to motivation.

“Without it, I would not have been able to achieve what I have,” she said.{{more}}

While she is thankful to the many teachers, friends, guardians and her parents, Mc Kenzie says that she acknowledges the benefits of hard work, perseverance and initiative.

“Above all, I thank God for the strength,” Mc Kenzie told SEARCHLIGHT.

She said that she knew what was required of her and took it upon herself to do just that.

Today, the former Bethel High School student has reaped the rewards for the work put in, as she created history by becoming the first remediated student to gain 9 CXC/CSEC passes.

“I believe I was too nervous,” she explained, as she revisited the day she found out that she was unsuccessful at the Common Entrance Examination.

“I was hoping to do better, but I guess it wasn’t my time to shine,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

In keeping with human nature, Mc Kenzie said that she was disappointed in scoring in the forties, far below her potential.

Nevertheless, she was determined to right the wrongs of her previous failure.

“Even if there were people who gave the school a bad name, I did not go down there with that on my mind. I said you know what, you are going to do good. You didn’t pass the Common Entrance, but you are going to pass O’levels,” McKenzie said.

It was not easy, but McKenzie said she persevered.

The teenager mentioned challenges associated with her academic career, while having to deal with common teenage pressures. She gave the example of times when her friends turned their backs on her.

However, she said that she set personal goals and was determined to make her school and self proud.

While at school, she did not limit herself to academics and participated in sporting events, was a member of the Bethel High School Young Leaders group and the leader of the school’s musical band.

These days, Mc Kenzie says that she has adjusted to life in the sixth form of the Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

And for those students today who have found themselves in the same position as she was, McKenzie offers this advice:

“I, too, have grown up with a lot of stress, but I said to myself that my parents are working hard and I can’t let that go to waste.” (DD)