Coconut tree poses a threat to residents
April 30, 2010
Coconut tree poses a threat to residents

Anesta Browne, of Carapan, is appealing to the relevent authorities to assist her in cutting a coconut tree that she considers to be a threat to her home and to her shop.{{more}}

She told SEARCHLIGHT on three occasions she made a request of Mervin Robinson, also of Carapan, the person who is in charge of the land, to cut the tree, but he has bluntly refused.

Browne, also known as Violet Browne, told SEARCHLIGHT the full grown coconut tree located approximately 15 feet away from her home also poses a threat to the nearby utility pole and lines.

She said even though her land is boundaried with Edna Dick’s, the only person she has seen tending to it is Robinson.

“I have never seen this lady Edna Dick. The only person I see coming here is Mervin Robinson,” said Browne.

“He said to me that I meet the f——— tree there,” was the response Browne said she got when she approached Robinson last year.

Browne noted that so far for the year, she has not taken up the issue with Robinson because it seems that he gets very aggressive whenever the matter of him cutting the tree comes up.

“What make me convinced now that he is not going to cut the tree is that he send a man over there about two months ago and cut a mango tree. The man came to my shop. I asked him, Mister you going to cut this coconut tree? He said he ‘hasn’t got any words about the tree’…He said ‘this tree dey here bad, but anyway I can’t do it because I am working by orders,’” recalled Browne.

In March 2010, Browne said her son contacted the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) to report the matter, but he was directed to another government office.

“When he called the place, they told him the person who is in charge is out in the field and he gave them our number. Up until now nobody has called,” said the frustrated Browne.

“I am so concerned because the hurricane season will start in June. I don’t know where nature will land this tree here, it could be my shop, my house, or in the street,” said Browne, noting that this can endanger her life, as well as that of her household.

“I need some help from the authorities to help me concerning my life and my property and other persons’ lives that are in danger because of this which is just a few yards away from the road, my home, and a school right in front there (St.Clair Dacon Secondary School),” said Browne.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted Robinson, he said the land in question was owned by Browne’s aunt, and the discord started when one of her relatives took him to court. He stated that he had won that case.

He questioned why Browne constructed her home so close to the boundary. He charged that she had built her home without a plan, that is why it is, “jammed right up to the boundary.”

“I am not against them cutting down the coconut tree, but come and see where they built their house right to the boundary of the land,” Robinson explained.

“I am sixty-three years old and I have never been taken to court or fight down by anybody until these people came there to live,” said Robinson.

Robinson told SEARCHLIGHT Edna Dick, whose name is on the deed, is his aunt and he has been in charge of her land since he was 17 years old.

He said he appreciates SEARCHLIGHT contacting him, but no one will push him around.(HN)