Two more polyclinics in Government health plan
April 23, 2010
Two more polyclinics in Government health plan

Two additional polyclinics will be constructed here to complement the one at Stubbs under the Government’s National Health Strategic Plan.{{more}}

This, the government says, is being done to decentralize health care in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, while consistently delivering a quality health care service.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves announced on Monday, April 12, 2010, under the Government’s revolution in health, set to start on January 1, 2011, polyclinics will be constructed in Mesopotamia and Buccament.

“We have to put something in the heart of the valley, in the centre of the country, and we have put one down at Buccament to take care of the Leeward side and the hotel, the resort at Buccama,” disclosed Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister proudly stated the polyclinics at Marriaqua and Buccament will be built at a cost of EC$3.45 million each.

Each polyclinic includes an emergency room with showers, sinks, and toilets; a sluice hall area for decontamination and washing off effluent from the emergency room patients; a delivery suite with sink and toilet areas; a maternity ward; a nurse/doctor’s office; four consultation rooms of a general nature; a consultation room specifically for HIV/AIDS treatment; patient dressing room; a counselling room; and two diagnostic rooms. These facilities will also house a dental clinic; an opthalmology room; a physiotherapy room; a pharmacy room; a nurses station; two patient washrooms; two staff washrooms; a janitor storage room; medical records room; general storage and inventory room; a lectural hall, conference room, and teaching facility; a kitchenette; and a staff meal room.

Regarding staffing at the polyclinics, Gonsalves disclosed that each centre will have a staff of about 20 full time members; a resident medical doctor, and a dentist.

The facilities will also have10 nurses; a pharmacy technician; six support staff (clerks, record rooms, kitchen, house keeping, maintaining and security workers; and ambulance.

There will also be visiting specialists part time by rotation. The polyclinics will also provide specialties in four areas, namely, general surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and internal medicine.

“You notice the quality in decentralisation of medical care to take pressure from your main hospital while we are in the process of relocation,” said Gonsalves.

He told the public, unlike opponents whose plans are based on speech, his administration provides a difference, by having a well structured plan, as well as the resources to execute the plans.

The polyclinic at Stubbs is nearing completion. (HN)