April 23, 2010
‘Bash’ Thomas asks South Central Windward for a chance to serve

Whilst on the one hand he is being praised by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for his efforts in executing Government’s programmes, Minister Saboto Caesar is still being called a total failure by Adison ‘Bash’ Thomas, his opponent in the next General Elections.{{more}}

Borrowing a line from telecommunications company LIME, Thomas, who wishes to represent South Central Windward, throughout his address to New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters on Saturday, April 17, referred to Caesar as ‘The Other Guy’.

Thomas told the NDP supporters that while some people may be tempted to put all the blame on Selman Walters, the current Area Representative, this should not be because ‘The Other Guy’ also holds a seat in Cabinet and is also a member of the House of Assembly.

“Because of the failed representation …I am asking you to give me the chance to represent you in Parliament. I am confident you will give me and I will do it to the best of my ability,” said Thomas.

Speaking of failures in the constituency, Thomas mentioned that since 2006, work has started on a clinic at Lowmans Windward, but to date this facility is yet to be completed.

“As a matter of fact, last year no work was done at all on the clinic,” he exclaimed.

He said the clinic will be a major issue in the General Elections, because it’s an item that is most needed by the community of Lowmans Windward and surrounding areas.

Thomas promised that a New Democratic Party (NDP) administration will complete the clinic if it is elected to office.

Another burning issue affecting the constituency, he said, relates to the condition of the New Grounds Primary School which was constructed in 1994.

“That school was built in 1994 by the New Democratic Party when Mr. Allan Cruickshank was our Parliamentary Representative. Today, if you go to that school it is in a deplorable condition, in a state of disrepair. Most of the louvres are broken out. The floors are untidy…it’s a real dirty, dirty building, and we have two representatives in Parliament,” said Thomas to the crowd, who were often dispersed because of the intermittent weather conditions affecting the area.

“Recently the performance of the school has dropped and it did not drop because the teachers are not working,” said Thomas, explaining that the performance at the school has dropped because of the untidy conditions.

“It is not conducive to learning. It doesn’t matter how you teach and how good the teachers are. If the physical conditions are not good, children will not perform,” said Thomas.

“As a matter fact, they said this government is broke, they don’t have any money. So I will have to fix it when I get there,” he added.

Thomas said the ULP administration has done nothing for South Central Windward since 2001, including the wastage of the playing field at North Union.

He promised that a NDP administration will develop one playing field per constituency to that of regional standard.

Thomas said during the November 25 Referendum, ‘The Other Guy’ was confident of securing votes in Greiggs, but since he received a political beating there, he has not returned to the community. (HN)