April 16, 2010
Penny Bank offers new ATM service

Customers of the St. Vincent Co-operative Bank are now being offered enhanced service with the introduction of the “Penny Bank’’’s ATM service.{{more}}

The ATM service was officially launched on Tuesday April 13, 2010, at the Bank’s Boardroom.

Speaking at the event, General Manager of the Bank Laverne Velox said that the SVCB customers not only need banking, but “convenient banking.” She added that the bank is adjusting to the “fast-paced instant world.”

The new service, Velox explained, is facilitated by the National Commercial Bank’s (NCB) ATM network. SVCB customers will use the service via any NCB ATM machines across the country.

Velox added that this was done as the bank does not currently have enough space to house an ATM machine. She, however, assured that one will be included when the new structure is built.

Velox stated that currently, only withdrawals can be made using the card, but with time, customers will be able to make deposits as well.

Also making remarks, Chairman and President of the Board of Directors of the SVCB Douglas Williams said that the bank is dedicated to serving its customers who come from all walks of life. He added that with this new advancement, customers will enjoy an easier banking experience and will not have to worry about closing times or bank holidays.

He assured customers of the utmost confidentiality when using their ATM service and also thanked the customers for their continued support.

Customers can sign up for their ATM cards at the bank. It will take approximately one week for the cards to be processed. A fee of $1 will be charged for every transaction. (OS)