NDP’s manifesto almost ready
April 16, 2010
NDP’s manifesto almost ready

IN anticipation of the upcoming general elections, the New Democratic Party (NDP) will be presenting its manifesto soon.{{more}}

Norrel Hull, the NDP’s candidate for the Central Leeward constituency stopped short of giving a precise launch date.

He however said that he was overall pleased with the contents of the document as it included measures the NDP intends to take to “uplift the standards for many.”

The announcement came last Saturday, April 10 at a public meeting in Buccament.

“During the month of March, we have been busy preparing the next manifesto,” Hull said

“We agreed and we disagreed, but that is what a democracy is about,” he explained.

“It is not a Eustace manifesto, I want to tell you that. It is not a Leacock or a Cruickshank manifesto,” Hull said.

“It is a manifesto prepared for the NDP and when it is published, which I know it will be shortly, it will be a document you will enjoy.”

There are some similarities to the previous manifesto, he said.

“That is because we feel certain aspects are still important,” Hull said.

“It will provide what you have been asking for all these years,” he contended.

According to Hull, the new document addresses issues including foreign policy, tourism, education, agriculture, finances and all aspects of government.(DD)