EHSM Young Leaders set to ‘Live Young and Live Well’
April 16, 2010
EHSM Young Leaders set to ‘Live Young and Live Well’

The Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia (EHSM) Young Leaders held a Health Clinic as part of their project in the RBTT Young Leaders programme 2009-2010.{{more}}

This year’s theme is: “Holistic Wellness: The Journey towards a Fulfilling Life”, with the group’s sub-theme, “Live Young, Live Well”.

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles, the clinic was held under the Post Office gallery on Monday, March 29. The aim of the clinic was to divert the focus from the Marriaqua Valley and promote health values across a wider margin, with Kingstown being the best choice of location.

At the Health Clinic, a wide range of pamphlets was available on topics such as HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, and Spiritual Wellness to Nutritional facts on eating a balanced diet. They were distributed to passers-by and they sought to educate the public.

Free diabetic as well as hypertensive testing was done by Staff Nurse Rogers, which allowed members of the public to monitor these aspects of their lives without the hassle of making appointments. Thirty persons were checked and further guidance was given to them.

“It was a successful venture as we aided in making our populace a more knowledgeable and healthier people,” said Coordinating Teacher Shernell Hadaway.

As the project comes to an end, the group’s two remaining projects include taking part in the celebration for World Health Day which occcurred at Heritage Square in Kingstown on April 7, and today, Friday, April 9, the group will hold a sponsored walk throughout the Marriaqua Valleyon behalf of Saskia Peters. Peters is a student of Emmanuel High School who is in need of urgent medical attention,” said the EHSM Young Leaders President Franklyn Richardson.