April 9, 2010
Motorcycle Club brings joy to Richland Park resident

The Cool Riderz Motorcycle Club continues with its community outreach programme.{{more}}

The latest recipient of the club’s generosity is Deron Davis, a 45-year-old resident of Richland Park. Davis has been incapacitated for more than one year because of a medical condition.

The measure of support she receives from family members, particularly daughter Vern Jackson, and her neighbors can be emulated by other members of the community. Among the concerns of persons who are not in a state of physical wellness and are unable to assist themselves have been neglected and abuse by family members and the society. If told, Davis’ story can have dual effect: it can give hope to other persons with physical disabilities, as well as encouragement to caregivers to perform the task with humility and kindness knowing that their own health can be compromised and that they are doing service to humanity.

Following the delivery of a food basket to Davis, club members conducted health assessment on other residents of Richland Park. More than sixty persons were assessed and appropriate advice given. Assessment included blood pressure and blood glucose checks. Members of the community were encouraged to adopt good health- seeking behaviors as the best guardian of one’s health is oneself.