‘Had someone known CPR she might have been saved’
April 9, 2010
‘Had someone known CPR she might have been saved’

Had someone at the Rawacou Beach been properly trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the late Daphne Deane-de Shong’s life might have been saved.{{more}}

This is the view of Laverne Deane-Warrican, Daphne’s sister.

Deane-deShong lost her life on Easter Monday at Rawacou, while trying to save her niece, Summer Warrican, who had encountered difficulties while wading in the waters.

“When Daph was brought to shore, she had a pulse. If somebody was there to do the CPR, if somebody was there, she might have stood a better chance,” said the grieving Deane-Warrican to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Deane-Warrican disclosed that she and other relatives tried to revive Deane-de Shong, but to no avail.

She said insults were hurled at the family as they tried their best to revive their sister.

“People took a turn on us and started to argue with us. They said: ‘All you nah dun see she dead? Wey all yuh ah try for?’” recalled Deane-Warrican.

“I said it’s not your sister. I said it’s not your sister. You won’t understand; it’s not your sister,” said Deane-Warrican, noting that a young woman laughed coldly to her and said: “Well bring um back alive nuh!”

Deane-Warrican described some persons’ behavior at the scene as cruel and vicious.